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Inna Dets, Director of the restaurant “Ribeye”
Inna Dets, Director of the restaurant “Ribeye”

“Review of our long-term collaboration on marketing, PR, and production tasks.
My company and I, the director of the restaurant “Ribeye” have been partnering with Nataliya Nagorna and her marketing agency “Nagorna” for 5 years. We initiated our collaboration from the restaurant’s opening, and our journey has been side by side ever since. The extensive knowledge possessed by Nataliya and her team in restaurant marketing and HoReCa significantly contributed to the substantial growth of our business. A comprehensive set of marketing tools was employed, encompassing both ATL and BTL strategies. This included social media marketing, where the restaurant’s profiles were strategically managed on various platforms and other beneficial websites, as well as targeted marketing through effective Facebook Ads campaigns.
Furthermore, the agency undertook tasks such as website creation and management, live radio appearances, coordination of themed events featuring national-scale celebrities, and participation in entertainment shows on television. Collaborations with partners, including wedding and tourism companies, were also a part of their multifaceted approach. “Nagorna Agency” authored PR articles for websites, conducted interviews, and provided industry reviews. They produced professional and creative photo and video content for social media, the website, targeted ads, and display advertising with Google Ads.
The agency consistently operates with clarity, professionalism, and a commitment to quality and effectiveness. I am thoroughly satisfied with our collaboration with “Nagorna Agency” and personally with Nataliya Nagorna, the agency’s head.”
Inna Dets, Director of the restaurant “Ribeye” (Reviewed and endorsed on 20.01.2022)

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