SMM for business.

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Expanding the recognition and profitability of the brand

“Nagorna Agency” was founded in 2015, under the official trademark Nagorna. For 8 years we specialise in marketing and production of the HoReCa sector and individual PR.

Our social media manager Hanna Boiko is able to give you a free walk-through in English and will provide you with our pricing.
Possible offline consultations available in the countries of Hanna’s residencies (Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Turkey, Singapore, Taiwan)
To set up a meeting e-mail with subject “SMM for business”

Our Nagorna Agency knows the in-s and out-s of hotels, restaurants, cafés and specialty shops. We are capable of working with both B2B and B2C businesses. We have the necessary knowledge, experience, and tools for creating quality visual content for social media, filling websites, creating and editing menus, building a reputation for a brand or an individual producer, and organising special brand events. We are able to work with your company remotely, in whichever part of the world you are based in.We offer a complex system of services in Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, TripAdvisor, YouTube, Tiktok, Pinterest, etc.) adapted to your location and individual needs.

Stages of action:
– Audit of your company’s social media presence
– Definition of strategic objectives and tactical aspects (how often do we take specific actions and in what order)
– Collecting all the information about the company, gathering of company’s offers, strengths and weaknesses, and marketability potential.
– Defining the visual identity of the brand, making the Brand Book, Logo Book, Guide Book
– Writing an editorial plan, discussing further actions with the client
– Production of layouts for operational work, preparation and adaptation of existing photos and videos for social media, websites, advertisements etc.
– Making graphics and Reels-adjacent videos from existing materials of the client
– Development of references, preparation of scripts and production plans for photos and videos
– Executing the production of photos and videos according to the pre-approved plan of the client, remotely in the studio
• The client has the ability to monitor the shoot remotely, give directions or make changes
– Selection of the best shots from the photoshoots for ad campaigns, special offers, website or social media content
– Retouching and post-production of chosen photos
– Video editing for Reels, Facebook video, Stories, Tiktok, Youtube, etc. (work in Canva, Adobe Premiere, After Effects)
– Setting up targeted advertising in agreement with the client (Facebook Ads)
– Analytics
– Tracking the results of events, promotions, special offers, campaigns, with the pre-approved metrics by the client
– Analysis of the client’s social media growth, tracking visibility and sales with the retrospective work in mind
– Taking the information gathered to plan the next course of action and tracking further results.
• The client can choose a multipurpose plan for the growth of their social media or a single separate step from the ones listed above
• We as Nagorna Agency have a full legal set of documents allowing us to work with international clients. We work in accordance with contracts, clearly and concisely, professionally and efficiently.
You can familiarize yourself with our work and our full portfolio on the official website:
Marketing, SMM, Photo & Video production

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