Ahead of time. Love and the Sweet Life with “Bize D’Amour”.

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The chain of French cafes and pastry shops, “Bize,” in Odesa has been delighting lovers of delicious sweets for 12 years. In 2014, “Bize” reached the finals of the prestigious National Restaurant Award of Ukraine, “Salt,” and was recognized by experts as the best cafe in the city. Over the years of operation, it’s not just the confectionery’s guests who have ‘grown up.’ Now, children who enjoyed Bize’s cakes and pastries many years ago bring their families and kids, colleagues, and friends here. And the network’s confectioners are actively developing.

This year they opened “Bize D’Amour” on Fontanska Road, 78, expanded the assortment, and launched a new series of pastries and pies based on recipes from a popular confectioner from France. Summing up the past year, our team met with restaurateur Roman Vinogradov, owner of the Bize chain of French cafes and pastry shops. We discussed trends in the restaurant and confectionery business, new tastes, preferences of Ukrainians, and, of course, a new confectionery with the passionate name “Bize D’Amour.”

— Why did you decide to call your new confectionery “Bize D’Amour”?

Translation from French sounds like “Kiss of Love.” This name will be very close to our guests because 80% of them are women. Our desserts, pastries, and cakes are often purchased by couples in love. And this is a wonderful gift! The theme of love is multifaceted, endless, eternal.

— What role does love play in your life, and how important is it to love the work you do?

Love is a state in which I live every day. That space that I can’t imagine myself without. This is love for my family (wife, children), for my country, and the field in which I have been involved for many years – the restaurant and confectionery business. Love is in everything. And I am very grateful to the forces above that this condition has not passed and, I hope, will not pass.

— Perhaps this is a stereotype, but when talking about love, strong associations arise with Paris. Was France a source of inspiration for your new patisserie, “Bize D’Amour”?

Undoubtedly! Now and many years ago, when we were just opening our chain of French cafes and pastry shops, “Bize.” We carefully thought through everything, down to the smallest detail, studied recipes, and worked with the best mentors, introducing our guests to French confectionery culture.

— How often do you visit Paris, and which pastry shops do you like?

I visit Paris every year; it inspires me a lot! Of course, it’s the hub of global confectionery, restaurant culture, fashion, and the perfume industry. Paris has its unique scent. There are favorite pastry shops that I consistently visit, learning and observing for many years. They offer such diversity that it’s challenging to single out any specific one. The strength of France lies in its diversity and age-old traditions, evolving rapidly.

— Why was a non-standard architectural style and black-and-white color scheme chosen for the new cafe and pastry “Bize D’Amour”?

Black and white serve as the perfect backdrop for modern confectionery. It’s an extraordinary choice for the Ukrainian market but entirely fitting for us. This color scheme focuses attention on the product and accentuates its advantages.

— Do architectural trends influence the perception of a modern confectionery by guests? Could such a project have been created five years ago, or are Odesa residents and city guests ready for it now? Aren’t you ahead of your time?

Odesa is a dynamic city, and its architecture, especially in a modern area by the sea, should reflect a cosmic, urban style, in my opinion. The project caters to modern, progressive people of the 21st century looking toward the future. It’s not just a pastry shop; it’s a space for communication among like-minded individuals. Are we ahead of our time? Yes, by at least 10 years. In the early 2000s, the idea of such architecture might not have crossed our minds, but now we’ve consciously arrived at this point.

— What similarities exist between the style of the building, the interior design, product design of your confectionery, and the taste— is it also cutting-edge?

Indeed, confectionery products and architecture are closely intertwined. We are rapidly progressing to ensure that the recipes for our cakes and pastries are modern and innovative. For instance, just before the opening of “Bize D’Amour”, we collaborated closely with the outstanding French pastry chef Cédric Grolet. We started crafting unique pastries and cakes with unconventional, provocative flavor combinations. For example, a sweet “black lemon” with chili pepper and Tabasco sauce or desserts incorporating salty ingredients. We blend seemingly incompatible components and achieve exceptional results.

— How many sweets does “Bize D’Amour” offer? For example, how many cakes do you have?

Today, we offer a delightful selection of 65 cakes, making it the most extensive assortment in Europe! And we’re committed to expanding even further.

— What drinks does “Bize D’Amour” offer? Only coffee and tea, or is there a bar menu too?

At “Bize D’Amour”, you can savor a cup of aromatic morning coffee while gazing at the sea, enjoying the breathtaking panorama. Our menu includes not only hot soft drinks but also a variety of alcoholic beverages. In the evening, you can indulge in a couple of cocktails served in stylish black and white glasses. Our signature cocktail is the “Bize D’Amour” made with prosecco, gin, and elderflower syrup.

— What are your plans for the 2nd and 3rd floors? Will there be a summer terrace?

Absolutely! The 2nd floor is designated for events, and on the 3rd floor, we’re excited to unveil a summer terrace with panoramic sea views by May. Experience the beauty for yourself!

— What events can patrons expect at “Bize D’Amour” in the New Year 2019?

The format of our ultra-modern French confectionery creates an inviting ambiance, reminiscent of a fashionable space with a unique blend of tastes, aromas, and trendy designs. We plan to pleasantly surprise you this spring! Allow it to be a delightful revelation. Join us, explore new flavors, embrace the present, and always look toward the future!

Journalist: Nataliya Nagorna
Project architect: Zhanna Kiseleva
Photo: Nataliya Nagorna
Odesa. 12/26/18

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